Into the Depths

After the loss of the shard.
Aylnn-in the Keep on the Borderlands

In the off time these past few weeks I’m going to start to raise and fix the old temple outside of the fortress – even if it is to Sarenrae. I’ll spend more than a few gold on getting some of the necessary items to the sight and have moved my permeant home to the Keep.
I’ll be doing the works on sight as best as I can by hand. Closest god I have personally known is Aroden since it is his sigil branded on my face. However I will do the best I can to keep the temple dedicated to Sarenrae as it is not my intention to spoil what was once hers. However I will, as my merger ability allows, continue to build it past her markers and open those areas up to other – good – gods. Unless my dreams edict otherwise. Its very important that she feel not slighted in anyway. So one person with little or no skill will do what she can to make the temple a place of worship again for all good people.
I will do this as much as I can because it should be done to strengthen the area and in penance for killing a sleeping enemy who wasn’t drow, who was possibly misguided or uninformed or maybe even just for hire but more importantly wasn’t beyond saving. I should have found a way to help my friends stay alive, remove him as an obstacle and not damn his soul to hell. To give him the chance to repent of his evils or face the justice of the village he wronged.
So most of my gold will be spent on materials needed for the temple and most of my time will be spent fixing the temple by hand as a penance for my failure in not remembering the greater good and giving in to my demonic heritage.


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